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Me in a nutshell

Relationship: Married my high school sweetheart, 17 years and still defying the odds!

Kids: Two and that's enough for us lol

Hobbies: I take my hobbies far too seriously. Music is oxygen. Writing is life.

Goal: To change the world.

Favorite books: Anything that helps me grow as a person, or feel so deeply that the world itself has shifted.

Favorite shows: The Office and New Girl, when I need a good cry—Grey's Anatomy (seasons 1-7)

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Jennifer's story...

Jennifer R. Jensen is a fiction author who dove back into the world of writing in 2019. She had spent a decade away from her passion, becoming a wife, mom, and advancing her career. With six independently published books and three novellas under her belt, she is looking to expand her love and knowledge for writing into traditional publishing and screenwriting. She is looking forward to the next big adventure in her writing career that will continue to propel her creative works to higher levels.

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