The Vice

Harper’s unhealthy coping mechanisms of meaningless sex and excessive drinking is starting to catch up to her—as is her avoidance of the past.

At 28, she has found herself stuck in a cycle of perpetual anger, unrelenting loneliness, and constant self-loathing—something she isn’t positive she can come back from.

Her mirror reflects a girl that she no longer recognizes, and she has done everything she can to push away the ones she loves.
But a sudden chain of events leads her to face the traumas she has been trying to keep buried with the vice that has kept her numb.

And although the nagging voice in her head continues to poke at her insecurities and drag her down, Harper sees that there might be a light at the end of the tunnel—an end to the chaos in her life that she is desperate to reach.

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First book in the series

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