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My featured author page was created so I could show my support in giving a voice to the underrepresented, the oppressed, and the stigmatized. Whether that be to the author themselves, the characters in their books, or both.  

Diversity is having a seat at the table, inclusion is having a voice, and belonging is having that voice be heard.

-Liz Fosslien & Mollie West Duffy

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Tammy Ferebee, called Birdie or Tams by her friends and loved ones, lives and writes in Baltimore, Maryland. She is the proud mother of two, has a deep love for reading, and is proud to announce she’ll be publishing her fourth book in January 2022.


She is passionate about social change, volunteers regularly, and participates in several humanitarian efforts every year. She enjoys practicing reiki, spending entire days at the beach, going on long road trips, trying new vegan recipes, and taking part in any cause she can to help bring about change to oppressed groups around the world.

"Being yourself should never come at this price.

Joseph is the son anyone would wish to have—anyone except his pastor father, that is. Joseph is gay, and where he comes from, his sexual orientation makes him a pariah. Tormented by the incorrigible denizens of his unprogressive Southern town, Joseph finds himself desperate for support from other members of the LGBT community. He turns to the internet with the hope of finding it, and, unexpectedly, Joseph finds more. Bruce.

An unlikely virtual friendship between Joseph and Bruce grows into something more, leading to a seemingly fated meeting. Joseph’s future suddenly looks brighter than ever, but no one could’ve ever predicted what would transpire after the two finally meet."

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"Words cannot explain how beautiful, captivating, and dark this novella is written. The story is not for the faint of hearts but will open your eyes to the stigma people still face when dealing with their sexuality. I read this book in one sitting as I walked through a crippling journey with the MC Joseph. I felt his pain, his happiness, and understood him by the end of the book."
-Amazon Reviewer-

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